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Addio, bella, addio!

Farewell, my darling, farewell!

Farewell, my darling, farewell.
We?re going to our death;
and if I didn?t leave with them
it would be coward of me!
and if I didn?t leave with them
it would coward of me!

They?ve tormented us so,
they?ve made us suffer so,
that dying for hunger or by bullets,
by bullets or for hunger, is a less heavy death.

The flag already flies,
and we?re not going to fold it away anymore;
either we will go to victory with it,
or we will die beside it.

Don?t cry, my dear,
because we?re going to our death:
we will not die for other masters,
but we will die for mankind!

Origine: Avanti popolo
Titolo originale: Addio, bella, addio!
Lingua traduzione: inglese 

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