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Al milite ignoto

To the unknown soldier

I know who forced you to leave,
and it was not want for glory,
I know you didn?t want to die,
nor leave a memory in history,
I know who came looking for you
up to the fields, inside a courtyard,
I know there was no way of talking
with those who held a rifle in the hands.

I know who watched you leaving,
drinking a glass of wine.
The same one who came saying
that you were happy like a child.
But I know it was not your business,
that that war was not yours.
But what was yours after all?

Not even that piece of land for sure.
They chose the saddest land,
the one that had cost more,
the one in which you fell with thousands,
the one that welcomed you and would be your coffin.
They chose the reddest land,
the one that had cost more lives
and a body in which only bones remained
to surround the wounds.

They offered it to a homeland gone mad,
that would find relief to its pain.
They have paid the years of your life
with a great anonymous honour.
Thus you are today the unknown soldier,
perished at war, no one knows how,
after leaving there your life
you?ve lost forever your name as well.

But surely you are not unknown to the comrades
who used to work with you,
surely you are not unknown to the woman
who used to wait for you every night.
Surely you are not unknown to the friends
who used to dedicate their evenings to you,
with the memory of the happy days
when they could offer you drinks.
But you are unknown to those
who all this has been a business for,
who sing that we are all brothers
and remember you around an altar.
And you are surely unknown to the hands
of that alive and wealthy man
who tomorrow will come
spitting other flowers on your chains.

Origine: Cantare Anarchia Lottare
Titolo originale: Al milite ignoto
Note: Words and music by Claudio Lolli.
Lingua traduzione: inglese 

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