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All'alba se ne va

He goes at dawn

At dawn the worker goes
with little food in his basket,
the matter is always desperate
and he would never want to go back home.

Why should I keep working
while there?s no food at home?
There my wife cries and hopes,
she doesn?t know how to deal with so much misery.

There?s the great party of workers
who are called communists.
They frightened the capitalists,
so the Pope excommunicated them.

But someday all this will be over,
all the fortune of the christian-democrats.
We?ll march united and solid
with Nenni and Togliatti for freedom.

Origine: Canzoni italiane di protesta
Titolo originale: All'alba se ne va
Note: Anonymous lyrics on the melody of ?All?alba se ne parte il marinaio (At dawn the mariner leaves), sung in the 50s
Lingua traduzione: inglese 

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