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Ballata per l'Ardizzone

Ballad for Ardizzone

They told me today the police
killed a young men in the streets;
it would be about seven o'clock, they told me
at a meeting of workers.

His name was Giovanni Ardizzone,
he was a student in the university,
communist and friends of proletarians:
and they killed him near our Dome.

And newspaper of the world
said: Castro, Kennedy and Kruschev;
and he shouted: "Yes to peace, no to war!"
and he died with peace on his lips.

In Grossi street the policemen with their truncheons,
they came from Padua, specialized in demonstrations,
they attacked a group with their military light truck
and with its wheels they invested Ardizzone.

The people made livid,
for the death of the young student
and full of rage: "Fascist Police -
they shouted - you villains and criminals"

And last news papers
say all: "A young student,
and today a great demonstration,
he died in a fatal accident,
he died in a fatal accident,
he died in a fatal accident"

Origine: Avanti popolo, Canzoni italiane di protesta
Titolo originale: Ballata per l'Ardizzone
Note: Song by Ivan Della Mea to remember the death of the student Giovanni Ardizzone from Milan, occured during a demonstration for peace, crushed by a light military truck of the Celere from Padua
Lingua traduzione: en 
Note traduzione: free translation in order to render a popular accent

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