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25 Aprile 1945

April, 25th 1945

Do not curse this time of ours
Do not envy who will be born tomorrow
Those who will be allowed to live in a happy world
Withouth having their hands and souls dirted.
We lived as we wanted to
In the dark years without freedom.
We passed through gallows and guns
Shutting eyes and heart to pity.
But even after the cruellest winter
Here comes spring again
New life which begins this morning,
For these hands dirted for a flag.
We are no longer long tom's flesh
Nor empty voices saying yes.
To those fallen along thw way we swear
For your childrend it won't be like this.

We want a world made for people
About which everyone can say "it's mine",
Where working and making love are beautiful
Where dying is God's will.
We want a world without armed countries,
Without blade-drawn boundaries.
Man has two native lands, one is his home,
the other is the world, and we are all brothers.

We want a world without unfair wastings,
When still there is someone starving.
We want a world where who steals goes to jail,
Even if he steals in the name of the Lord.
We want a world without cruisades
Against those living as they like.
We want a world where who kills is a murderer,
even if he kills in the name of peace.

Origine: sito Canzoni di lotta
Titolo originale: 25 Aprile 1945
Lingua traduzione: inglese 

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