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Addio padre e madre addio

Farewell father and mother, farewell

Farewell father and mother, farewell,
for I have to go to war,
and my fate is sorrowful,
for I have to die for Italy.

When I was in Austrian land
I immediately received the order:
we?re going to make a bayonet-charge.
It all became a slaughter.

I got wounded, with a bullet in my chest,
seeing my companions running away.
And I remained lain on the ground
while I saw that man coming my way.

?Don?t go, man, for I?m going to die,
think of a wife weeping for me?,
but that vile man with pitiless heart
stabbed me dead with his dagger.

Damnation to those young students
who have studied and longed for war,
they sank Italy into mourning,
and for a hundred years pain will remain.

Origine: Canzoni italiane di protesta
Titolo originale: Addio padre e madre addio
Note: One of the best-known songs in World War I;
lyrics and music by Roberto Leydi.

Lingua traduzione: inglese 

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